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Foaming technology of insulation pipe equipment

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The pipe of the insulation pipe production equipment has the following characteristics: the inner pipe adopts PE-X or PPR pipe, vacuum shaping, small internal stress, antifreeze, non-toxic, tasteless, suitable for the environment of -70~105. The insulation layer adopts medium density closed cell foaming, the hole is honeycomb, the gas in the hole does not flow, and the insulation performance is good.

Insulation layer foaming body is not easy to collapse, to ensure that the water pipe and insulation layer are not loose after long-term use, and the foaming body is not seepage. The outer protective layer is communication grade cable material, through high temperature thermal bonding and insulation layer overall bonding, no cracking and no falling off, has a strong anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet performance.

Insulation pipe equipment using foreign advanced technology to develop the new type of foam tube, commonly known as sponge tube. The main components of the insulation pipe equipment are automatically controlled by imported components and Danish burners. The insulation pipe equipment can be widely used in the field of air conditioning insulation pipe, insulation tube board, high performance handle, fitness equipment sheath and so on.

Insulating pipe equipment

Foam process can be divided into:

Prepolymer foaming process includes the following steps: black and white two kinds of materials into the prepolymer, in the prepolymer added surfactant, catalyst, water, other additives, rapid mixing of foaming, curing at a certain temperature.

Semi-prepolymer foaming method is to make part of diisocyanate and polyether polyol into prepolymer, and then add another part, such as polyester polyol or polyether and catalyst, water, diisocyanate, surfactant, other additives, etc., quickly mixing and foaming.

Step by step, the polyisocyanate polyether or polyester polyols, surfactants, catalysts, water, foaming agent, other additives, etc., are added together, and foamed after rapid stirring.

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